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Types of Convertibles

Just like a good ice cream cone, convertibles come in a number of flavours. If you're wondering what a roadster is, what someone's talking about when they're pulling out the ragtop, or why you'd want a hard top convertible, then look at this before you shop. Find a style that appeals to you and check out our inventory of used convertibles. Here are some of the convertible options that you can choose from.


What's the difference between a regular convertible and a cabriolet? They're actually quite similar, with the main difference being in the root of the word. That means if one car company calls something a cabriolet, it's just a fancy French origin word for convertible. Of course, it does sound more impressive to tell your friends that you drive a cabriolet!


A roadster is different from the average convertible in that it's usually a more lightweight, sporty version of the car. It's the equivalent of a coupe, except with a convertible top. (That means it has two seats.) As a sporty two-seater convertible, roadsters are also less ideal for bringing along the whole family and more ideal for a romantic two-person getaway to the country.

Hardtop convertible

Many newer convertibles are switching to a retractable hard top design. They have a hard roof just like a standard sedan or coupe, except that the roof retracts to create a convertible. Hard top convertibles may be more expensive than ones with fabric or soft tops, but can offer better protection from the elements as well as from would-be thieves.

Soft-Top Convertible

A soft-top convertible (colloquially known as a "ragtop") also protects you from the elements with multiple layers of insulation, just as well as hard tops, some argue. The main advantage is that soft-top convertibles tend to be cheaper, however they are also easier for thieves to get in (by slashing the top). In the end, choosing between a hard top and a soft-top convertible will come down to the car you prefer.